Holy Spirit Inspired Poems, Teachings and Prayers
Holy Spirit Inspired Poems, Teachings and Prayers



💕♥️❤️Jesus-Yeshua said "who will lay down their life to pick up their cross and follow me? Who will become my temple? Who will die to self in order to be filled with Christ-The Holy Spirit and become a selfless sacrificial lover-servant for the salvation of all men's souls? Who will be a follower of me ‘THE WAY’; led of-in and by My Holy Spirit?

He did not ask who will become a Christian and go to a church building for one hour every week to attend a religious service; or to do good works of the flesh!

He who gave it all; requires all!

I encourage all to read Philippians; 1 Peter and 2 Peter!

I have learned to refer to myself as a born again Holy Spirit filled follower of ‘The Way’; for I have met but only a few Christians that are actually living for Jesus! Few that are truly walking the narrow path to follow Jesus!

To have a religion or to have an intimate personal love relationship with God; are clearly two different things!

Jesus is coming back for His bride-His lover!

There exist only one good-eternal fruits producer and that is the Holy Spirit operating in and through a human tabernacle; a dead man!

A man who has denied his fleshy desires and self will to fulfill Gods will; the great commission of our Savior, Lord and King Jesus!

Jesus is calling us to become but a dirt and dust, Holy Spirit filled and flowing body of Christ! Dead to self and alive in Christ!

Bought back and paid for in full; Owner Operated Tabernacles-Children of God!

Ambassadors of Jesus Christ! Kingdom representatives! Heaven on earth! Lights in the darkness! A city on a hill!

Then Jesus said to His disciples, “If anyone wishes to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me.
Matthew 16:24

"Come, follow me," Jesus said, "and I will send you out to fish for people!
Matthew 4:19

In submission to the Holy Spirit indwelling-Gods perfect will for us; we are daily transformed into the image and likeness of Jesus!

Clay on the potters wheel; we are transformed from selfish carnal worldly beings; to selfless sacrificial lovers for the salvation of all men’s souls!

In surrender to doing The Fathers will; our hearts have been made pure!

We fight the flesh daily to live holy and righteous lives! If we do sin we immediately confess; repent and rise up in Christ love, grace and mercy!

Owner Operated; we now walk on the feet of Jesus; empowered and propelled by His Holy Spirit indwelling us!

In and through all of our selfless sacrificial sufferings for all others; our hearts are anchored in Christ-love-peace injoy!

As we offer our lives up to God as a loving-living sacrifice; our branch of His holy divine vine is producing eternal fruits!

Every single ounce of our selfless suffering is producing a weight of eternal glory; so soon to be revealed! None of it is wasted! We count it all joy that we too can fill up with the afflictions of Jesus; so that we too will rise with Him in glory!

Ambassadors of Jesus consumed by Christ, we are the final hour fishers of all men’s souls!

True followers of ‘The Way’; we have been or are being transformed into selfless sacrificial lovers for the salvation of all human souls; just like Jesus!

We live only to fulfill The Fathers will in fulfilling The Great Commission of our Lord, Master and King Jesus!

With our eyes fixed on Jesus in service to our King; we are always looking UP for our Bridegrooms return to get us!

We now absolutely know that we are strangers in a foreign land; once lost and now found! We live only to rescue all others into a born again awakening salvation! We live, pray and serve; so that not one soul would be lost!

O glory! Sweet glory! All praise, honor and glory to God!❤️♥️