Holy Spirit Inspired Poems, Teachings and Prayers
Holy Spirit Inspired Poems, Teachings and Prayers

Living in God's Amazing Grace

Welcome home! Come and immerse yourself in the living water; the rich life giving oil of the Holy Sp



 To be in the moment, right now, right here

All is truly well, there is nothing to fear

I dance in your stillness as I rest in your calm

Gently held by the love in the heart of your palm

Your song is eternal and your word is so true

There is only one love, it could only be you!

The great wisdom you give me to ascend way up high

Makes me thirst for your water as to never run dry

Drinking only from your fountain by your side I will lye

I am but a twinkle in the center of God's eye 

THIRST - Please enjoy my 2 minute inspirational video!!

PleaseWatch NOW~! Urgent! God wants us to know whats going on! Those without knowledge will parish!

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A Radical and Irreversible Change is Coming! I cannot stress enough the importance of every single believer of Jesus; to listen to this video! I totally resonate with this prophetic message for this hour! 18 minute truth teaching! I encourage all to listen and be prepared! Praise God! Those who are wise will listen to it 3 times to let it sink into them!♥️ Listen to understand what will very soon take place! God wants us to know in advance so we will not fear!

Check out this great video