Holy Spirit Inspired Poems, Teachings and Prayers
Holy Spirit Inspired Poems, Teachings and Prayers

My Story

My name is Bill Lang and I became a born again christian 10 years ago.  My truth is that I established a personal relatioinship with God through Jesus Christ, behind the door of a Mystic!  Her store front was called "Lisa's Mystic Circle".  I was baptized in the fire and recieved the Holy Spirit through her surrendered vessel. Lisa has been with the Lord now for 6 years.  I never met anyone who lived so close to God.  Why?  Because she was totally surrendered and obedient, therefore available for the Holy Spirit to work through her.  She was chosen by God, a born again Mystic, who sacrificed her life for others.

At the time I was lost, doing all the drugs and sex that was available to me because I did like who I was.  I was desperate, lonely, fearful and depressed.  I like everyone born into this lost and broken world, was lost and broken inside. I finally got tired of the empty ways of the world and cried out to God to teach me His ways.  HE in turn led me to Lisa who became my mentor. 
Life is not about religion; it is all about establishing a personal relationship with our divine creator; God.  As a matter of fact; it is only about finding God, remembering who we are as children of God and then maturing in that sacred and real relationship.

I was 3 days up on crystal meth driving on Highway 60 when I cried out to God.  "OK, I give up.  How does it work? Why am I here?  What is the purpose of all this?"  When the student is ready the teacher appears!  God put this amazing prohet in front of me named Lisa.  

At the time I was living the so called "American Dream."  I was living on the beach in Redondo Beach, CA, a single guy making over $100,00 a year, traveling the country and the world.  I had everything and yet nothing.  Inisde I was empty, spiritually asleep.  None of the things or the people could fill this gaping void inside of me.  I have leaned that his void is inside all of us and it can only be filled by a personal relationship with God; our Father and Creator.  I was doing all of it, sex, drugs, alcohol; anything and everything to keep me from feeling that void, Gods calling.  Now I know, that which I was running from is the only thing that could offer me what I truly wanted and sought so desperately...peace and joy.

Any body out there in search of peace and joy?

I have studied with some of the greatest spiritual teachers on the planet, true vessels of God, embodiments of the same spirit that lived in Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit ~ the living spirit of God!  People who have truly surrendered and submitted their entire lives to God. allowing for His Holy Spirit to live within them.  True modern day ambassadors of Jesus!

Not one of them would take credit for the work that they do for they know that it is not them, but the Holy Spirit working through them.  They know that all the glory belongs to God and they give it to Him!

My unquenchable thirst to know the truth has blessed my life in all capacities.  Through Jesus Christ I have come alive; I have found the "real" life; the only life.  A life surrendered to the will of God; not my will but Gods will be done!Type your pa

Jesus told him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me" 

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John 14:6

Real joy can only be found in the serving of others. In this purpose driven life lives a peace and joy so profound that it literally brings heaven to earth! 

When we serve each other we are equals, we see all life as holy and the result of this is deep and real gratitude.

I love people and I l am thrilled to hear their stories.  Every one has a  great story; is deeply loved and is extremely important!  Every life matters!

Gods love for us is equal; he loves every one of us the same.  Being divine love itself; He will not stop until every soul is saved!  HE needs everyone of us to accomplish this great mission!

God forgave murderers on the cross.  There is nothing anyone has done that will not fall under Gods grace!  Every thing and every one is covered by His Divine Grace and Mercy!

He will meet you wherever you are.  All you have to do is ask.  He is wanting and waiting for you to ask.

He needs to be asked, He would never force himself upon any one.  He gave us the free will to choose Him (the spiritual realm) or the world (the physical realm). The good news is that when we choose him we have the best of both worlds!

In the physical plane God has to use people to do his work for HIM.  It is by HIS word and my choosing that I call myself an "Ambassador of Christ."

I am here to do His work!  I am here to serve the almighty God, Lord of all creation; heaven and earth! 

Then Jesus said to his disciples, "Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.

Matthew 16:24

Bill Lang

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Every  one of us is called to be an Apostle / Ambassador (follower) of Jesus  Christ.  God sent Jesus to save us and through our belief and surrender  to Jesus we are filled with HIS HOLY SPIRIT by becoming born again.

William Lang

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 If you too want to rise with Christ upon his return I invite you to pick up your cross and follow HIM!

The time is NOW!