Holy Spirit Inspired Poems, Teachings and Prayers
Holy Spirit Inspired Poems, Teachings and Prayers


Thank you for the time you held me

when I had lost my way

and for the love I feel 

in every word you say!

thank you for the smile

that brightens up my day

your laughter and your innocence 

are like a child at play!

thank you for the wisdom 

and the kindness of your heart

your generous and selfless ways

are so beautiful, so smart!

thank you for being just who you are

so solid and so certain

always near, never far!

Thank you God!



I feel such love when I think of you

pure from my heart it sings so true!

As the breeze lightly tickles my bodily form

it could only be angels

so gentle, so warm!

That same fuzzy feeling

I get deep inside

every time I remember

that you're by my side!

And not at all separate

I have nothing to hide!

On this earth school journey

let it ride, let it ride!



What gift may I bring

or song may I sing

to the miracle of life

its such a mystical thing!

I will dance, laugh and play

as I expand everyday

being love with joy

in every possible way!

In the greatness of truth

I will float from on high

In the grace o HIS HANDS

I let go with a sigh ....


The hardest thing for man to find

is hidden right beneath his mind

the God of the universe is always kind


Continue to drop your petals

as you dance across the stage

for your flower is eternal

endless without age ...


Through complete surrender

this game is one

I ask for your guidance 

and I know that its done!

your substance within me

shows me the way

I am but a child 

at work in Gods play