~~~  beach boy spirit  ~~~
"a watering oasis for the soul"
~ love ~ inspiration ~ wisdom ~
~ truth ~
all are welcome!
all are loved!

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                  Please enjoy my favorite poem/psalm - 2 minutes


                           The intention of beach boy spirit is to provide
                                        a watering oasis for your soul.

  May it serve as a reservoir of truth, love, beauty, wonder, joy, peace, faith, inspiration, wisdom, knowledge, service and hope.

My desire is that as you navigate beach boy spirit; your spirit will be renewed, refreshed, awakened, uplifted, inspired and made new. 

Please enjoy the poems and love songs of my heart; given to me by the Holy Spirit; I am just HIS messenger!

All praises, honor and glory always belong to God!

Love & Light ~ BiLL

i I love you too much, not to share this with you. Must Listen 27 Minute video! The wise will listen and the foolish will not.
Wait until you are in a quiet place where you can truly listen with both ears. Save, copy, share, post and email to all! Now! Every human being needs to hear this! Please do your part! God is with you!

����Good day beloveds! I write this with extreme urgency! In love, not fear! Please receive this powerful, beautiful truth sermon! A must listen for all humanity! I encourage you to listen and share! For the love of God and all humanity! It is difficult, but true! For the salvation of all souls, please make this 21 minute listen, a priority! There is no time left to waste! The hour he speaks of, is upon us! If not for you, do it for the welfare of your family and friends!����

In Christ!❤
Bill Lang

               Please feast upon one of the most  "POWERFUL SERMON" messages I have ever                        heard Spoken bout the hour we are living in. in 1965 about this very hour we are living in.

                                ARE YOU READY FOR THE RETURN OF JESUS?

����Beloveds! Good day! This is reality; the Romans are here and fast rising! It is critically important, that everyone of us  take an honest self check, for the day of the Lord draws nigh! Please watch/listen to this six minute video, to the great benefit of your soul! Let us ask  the Holy Spirit to watch it with us, to convict us in any area of our lives that need change and let us act with immediacy! Time is short! May abundance of the Lords peace and grace be with you!  In Christ Jesus! Bill!����


Feel free to copy and print any of my writings or poems.

All right reserved © 

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